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Jamila J. Brown

Director, Writer, Producer


Jamila J. Brown was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY. She graduated with a degree in communications and creative writing from Manhattanville College. Jamila has always had a passion for telling stories, however it wasn't until her senior year in college when she won the Dan Patterson screenwriting award that she knew filmmaking was a world she needed to be a part of. In the summer of 2014 she made her first debut as a director, writer, and producer of GoFish, a short film inspired by her neighborhood. For Jamila creating films gives her the chance to not just exist in the world, but to make an impact while existing.  

GoFish (2015) 

A short film about an interracial friendship between two young girls who meet over a game of go fish and become friends shortly after the Crown Heights riot of 1991. Watch Here Now!  




NYC the Movie (2016) 

 A manhood tale about a boy name Ryan who learns what it means to be a man of ethics in the streets of New York City.  He juggles a life of rap and crime and discovers that one must go. 




PREVIOUS (2017) 

A neo noir film about a man who loses his memory in an accident.




 Short Film Explores Racial Tension In 1991:


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Barriers Can Be Broken:


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